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Anti-Fraud systems

Wirecapital minimizes the impact of online fraud on the Internet due to the advanced Anti-fraud enterprise system operating in real time. System to prevent fraud with bank cards can handle large 100 000 transactions per second, to have a high conversion rate payments and constantly monitor the safety of card data.

Complete solution for the detection of fraud - the risk management system developed by industry experts in accordance with international standards. At your service - various options for user authentication, customizable criteria and parameters, the modern system of filters, as well as fraud - monitoring system. Combining advanced algorithms and statistical data on the previously committed transactions, self-learning system can recognize patterns of behavior of honest buyers and fraudulent schemes, allowing Wirecapital team to make the process of online shopping more reliable.

Fraud prevention of Wirecapital - a set of preventive measures designed individually, taking into account the specifics of a particular online store. Improved methods of checking transactions allow online businesses set up their own rules of admission of payment processing, as well as select the optimal set of instruments in accordance with the specific business model. Thus, Wirecapital authorization and processing of payments allows you to manage payments as you prefer. While maintaining an optimum balance between a high level of security of payments and the highest possible conversion rate payments - and thus the income of your business. That's how Wirecapital develops for you customized system to combat fraud - a unique system that saves your time and your money.

Wirecapital growing together with our customers and adapting to their needs in order to minimize risks and to continually increase profits. Wirecapital’s Complex solutions to prevent fraud - is to ensure complete data security , guarantee maximum percentage of successful payments, and saving your money. To learn all about our solutions to combat fraud you can contact us here.

Key benefits

  • Reducing the risk of fraud to a minimum.
  • The maximum conversion of online payments.
  • Reduce costs through the elimination of penalties for refunds.
  • Anti-fraud system is configured individually for your business.
  • Business is built taking into account risk management and fraud detection.