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Acquiring Banks
Wirecapital integrated with leading acquiring banks and processing companies in the European Union, CIS and Asia Pacific. This enables companies in Europe, Russia, CIS countries and rest of the world to get online payment in minimum time. Wirecapital helps its clients to focus on core activities of their business, and takes care of online payment services. If necessary, Wirecapital specialists are ready to optimize business in offshore areas and offer the most advantageous scheme of business processes associated with card payments for different industries.
Global Payments
Looking for the quickest, easiest and cost effective way to do business around the world? Start making payments on your website along with Wirecapital! Wirecapital offers its customers a variety of payment methods on the Internet and supports multiple currencies. Payments worldwide with Wirecapital - it's efficacy, safety and compliance with all the latest international requirements for online payments service providers.

Authorization / Settle

Authorization of payment is a process when the funds on the card account are temporarily frozen until the company does not deliver the package to the customer. After the confirmation of the authorization stipulated period of time is given by Wirecapital to the company and to the department of risk management to make the necessary checks before fund is debited from consumer’s account.

Key benefits

  • We reduce number of chargebacks.
  • Stipulated time allows to the merchant to get truthful information about consumer.

Technical Support

Wirecapital guarantees its customers with professional technical support. An international team of experienced technical specialists is committed to optimizing the performance of online businesses, efficiently responding to all questions and taking immediate action against any technical difficulties. Support Wirecapital operates in 7x24.

Key benefits

  • Continuous technical support.
  • Individual work to solve the problem.
  • Highly skilled team of technical support.
  • Immediate response to technical difficulties.

Fraud Management Solutions

Wirecapital minimizes the impact of online fraud on the merchant due to the advanced system reducing the risks, operating in real time. Complete solution for the detection of fraud - risk management system, developed by industry experts in accordance with international standards.

Combining advanced algorithms and statistical data on the previously committed transactions, self-learning system can recognize patterns of behavior of honest buyers and fraudulent schemes, allowing the team of Wirecapital to make the process of online shopping more reliable.

Improved methods of checking transactions, Merchants can set up his own rules for admission processing fees, as well as select the optimal set of instruments in accordance with the specific business model. The Wirecapital’s system of Anti-fraudulent transactions is growing together with our customers and adapting to their needs in order to minimize risks and to constantly increase profits.

Key benefits

  • The maximum conversion of online payments.
  • Reducing the risk of fraud to a minimum (0.03% of total).
  • Reduce costs through the elimination of penalties for refunds.
  • Anti-fraud system is configured individually for your business.